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Article Critique

Are you prepared to critique an academic paper or article? In fully understanding what this entails, most students would rather not take the time or have the responsibility of critiquing someone else's work. This is especially true if you are critiquing a paper and you are unfamiliar with the topic.

Although critiquing a paper or article doesn't require research, it does involve having knowledge on the topic, as well as, having an understanding on how to recognize important details. Additionally, an article critique is a summary developed for evaluation purposes, knowing how to identify faults within the paper you are reading and also to comment on the accuracy of the article. Certainly, a challenging assignment if the student is not knowledgeable in regard to the format and procedure.

Some students lack the confidence to discuss and critique someone else's train of thought and interpretation on a subject. So it's understandable they would rather not take on this challenging and complex assignment of article critiquing.

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